The Abaco Spreader Beam M2 has a convenient and effective design where straps can easily be hooked onto the bar at each designated slot for moving large slabs or a bundle of slabs easily and safely. It is ideal for loading and unloading containers. The Beam comes with six preset belt spaces with labels of Working Load Limit clearly displayed on the beam making it safe and easy for all users.

Spreader Beam Specifications

PLEASE NOTE: For all Abaco Lifting Products, follow the manufacturer's specifications for stone thickness, grip range and W.L.L. when choosing the appropriate Lifter. When using an Abaco Lifting Product, follow all safety instructions and processes found in the product's manual.

Spreader Beam Specificatons
Model NumberLengthWidthHeightLength RangeW.L.L.Net Weight
ASB106M227001502601448 - 2667Length14481702193021842413266746